Jeffrey Howard

Founder/Performance Specialist

    My name is Jeff Howard and I am the owner of Sportswest Fit. I’m passionate about helping people of all ages develop a healthy lifestyle including, but not limited to, a consistent routine of resistance training. With over 20 years of experience as a specialist in science-based strength training, I have developed a training philosophy designed to help people take control of their bodies.


    Sportswest Fit has grown to become one of the premier training programs in the area, servicing hundreds of people both within and beyond the Conejo Valley. I have seen our athletes go on to play varsity sports, earn college scholarships, and continue playing on elite and professional levels. More importantly, I’ve witnessed significant and permanent confidence improvements that affect all aspects of our athletes’ lives. With measurable goals, we use progress benchmarks to effectively design programs. Our goal is to improve performance and reduce injuries by developing and challenging efficient movement patterns.