Performance Testing


SportsWest Fit offers a range of performance tests to help coaches objectively measure progress and gain insight into each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. These tests, including sprint speed, agility, mobility, rotational power, and jumping ability, can be used to design targeted training programs that address specific areas for improvement. By testing thousands of athletes and using this data to inform training, SportsWest Fit helps take the guesswork out of improving sports performance.

Incorporating competition and fun into training can also be an effective way to motivate athletes and keep them engaged. By shifting the negative stigma often associated with exercise and instead promoting the idea that working out leads to progress and enjoyment, SportsWest Fit helps athletes adopt a positive mindset towards training. Overall, the company’s philosophy is centered on helping athletes reach their full potential and achieve their goals in sports through a holistic approach that takes into account their overall health, nutrition, and well-being.