Let’s get moving & stay moving

“Uh oh! Is it time to go to the gym already?”

Excuses start. “I just don’t have any time today.” Next, you start justifying your reasons for staying home. “If I skip today’s workout, then I can catch up on the house cleaning I’ve been putting off.” “Missing one more day at the gym is no big deal. I’ll make it up next week.”

But will you really? Excuses to skip workouts are everywhere. The truth is, nobody wants to go workout. But everyone wants to look, feel, and play like they do. Why is that? Does it have to be that way? You need a different perspective. And Sportswest Fit has one.

“Let’s get moving & stay moving.”

Let's get moving & stay moving

Why aren’t people moving more?

According to the CDC, research shows that 80% of American adults don’t get their recommended weekly exercise.


Fortnite is fun and exercising is just too much work, right? But why? Why do people feel like they have to push themselves to complete exhaustion each and every time they walk into the gym? As a result, we often see long gaps in training. This creates a vicious cycle. We can do better in moderation.

Sportswest Fit believes that it is important to teach people that fitness can also be fun. We think that learning how to move properly, is a step that is often overlooked. Motivation is not typically the only missing component. That’s where we come in.

LET’S GO!!!!!!!, Give me 5 more…. LET’S GO!….. LET’S GO!…… LET’S GO……..!

People are generally uncomfortable with anything that feels foreign, including new movements. But when new movements are properly taught, and improvements are monitored, measured, and analyzed, the anxiety of heading to the gym is reduced.

Then, workouts become fun. Fun workouts are workouts that will keep people coming back. Our goal is to develop a culture where people are moving more and moving better!

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